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Regional Victories:
- Glendale
- West Hollywood
- Burbank

Union Relations


FTAC has had great success within the Rank and File of all of the film unions in America.The leaderships of some of these unions have a different opinion on enforcing our existing trade agreements.FTAC feels that any we must pursue all avenues to stop the outsourcing of our jobs. We are hoping that the leaderships of all the film unions will back this same philosophy and return the outsourced film work to this country by backing a 301(a) petition.

FTAC is actively reaching out to all of the unions of this country in hopes of strengthening the labor movement for all the workers in the United States.

We have collected all the information that is at hand in regards to the Film Unions of the United States.




The MPAA often argues against the use of a 301 petition... and yet they themselves have used it to protect their own profits.  Watch this video of FTAC’s attorney commenting on the MPAA’s use of the 301 petition.
Some union officials have called FTAC Troublemakers.FTAC feels that the "troublemaker" label means a group or an individual who dares to defend her or his rights and those of fellow workers. That often means making waves and making management uncomfortable-so management tends to call such brave souls "troublemakers."
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