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Regional Victories:
- Glendale
- West Hollywood
- Burbank

A b o u t   F T A C

The Film & Television Action Committee (FTAC) was formed in Hollywood in December 1998 to address the issue of the Outsourcing of the American film workers jobs (Runaway Production).  FTAC is a democratically structured, volunteer, grassroots, non-partisan, single-issue organization dedicated to recovering American film jobs that have been lost to the 19 foreign countries due to unfair trade practices. FTAC is supported and endorsed by these unions: IATSE Locals 695, 871 (by a vote of its membership, supported the FTAC 301a petition, not FTAC the organization) , 44, 728, 720, and 600.  The Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA), Studio Utility Employees Local 724 (LIUNA), International Brotherhood of Teamsters International, and Local’s 399, 355, 391, 509, 592,  IBEW Local 40, Plasterers Local 755, UA Plumbers Local 78.  In addition, the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association, the cities of Burbank, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Glendale CA, Pittsburgh PA, Jersey City and Clifton NJ, Hollywood Center Studios, Michaelsons Catering, Fantasy II Film Effects, International Studio Services, History for Hire, Jackson Shrub Supply.  Along with many other businesses that service the film industry and tens of thousands of rank and file Entertainment Workers who support the 301a petition.

Currently FTAC is Represented by a Washington DC based Trade Law Firm Stewart and Stewart. With the attorneys’ help we are focused on the filing of a section 301a petition to negotiate with the 19 foreign countries, to comply with the trade agreements that they have signed with the U.S. FTAC opposes “economic runaways” that move from one nation to another purely for artificial, trade distorting financial incentives. FTAC does NOT oppose “creative runaways” that shoot in other nations purely for creative reasons.  We support the concept of world labor solidarity between the film workers of all nations, and the healthy development of national film industries.  FTAC is an integral part of the global fair trade movement and actively supports fair trade policies that place human need above corporate greed.

FTAC holds its general membership meeting twice each month... click here for details on the next FTAC meeting.


Fact Box

The Center for Entertainment Industry Data and Research estimates that theatrical features shot in Canada have contributed to the loss of 22,000 U.S. jobs over the past 3 years.

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