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2005 CEIDR Confirms that Trends Continue
Runaway drain? Study: Pic biz in big production pickle
Runaway production costs U.S. dearly
AFL-CIO Resolution 6
The Outsourcing of Superman
NPR News Stories
MPAA Endorses the Use of "Section 301" to Protect the Industry
Articles about AB 777, the California film subsidy bill
The runaway delay: Arnold's legislation to be revisited next year
California incentive bill: See you in '06
Los Angeles Times Articles
MPAA - Avast, Ye Pirates!
Superman may be quintessentially American, but it's cheaper to film him in Australia
Worldwide Film Production Map
British Columbia and other Canadian provinces offer more sweeteners
Down, dirty in Morocco
Down-home directing
Filmmakers' mania for Romania
As filming leaves, so do benefits for taxpayers
The West Hollywood City Council
Glendale City Council News
Glendale News: Council mulls film tax breaks
Glendale City Council Meeting
Variety: Glendale investigates runaway production
Hollywood Reporter: Glendale lends support to subsidy probe
Runaway Canadian Production
B.C. gov't agrees to up tax credits
Protests target B.C. tax breaks
Canada Subsidy War: Quebec Vs. Ontario Vs. B.C.
Quebec ups tax credits to lure film prod'n
Ontario boosts local, foreign prod'n credits
Looking for credit, Ontario pledges incentives
Quebec cuts local film & TV funding
A runaway runway, Toronto mayor unveils plan to woo film biz
Canada confronts crisis
Outsourcing of the Visual effects Industry in America
Lucasfilm Opens Animation Studio in Singapore
India animated by special effects outsourcing
Boom in Blighty, U.K. grabs largest slice of growth in overseas f/x houses
Blighty challenging U.S. f/x companies
Golden State: The Next Runaway Industry
Burbank City Council
Show Biz Employees Ask Council to Investigate Flight of Film & TV Production
City of Burbank Backs Production Probe
FTAC Boosts Burbank Board's Backbone
Burbank City Council - Majority on the council can't agree to a resolution...
Entertainment industry workers urge City Council to support investigation of foreign subsidies
Film trade law probe urged, Group wants subsidies investigated
In reel trouble, Canuck production hits hard times
Canucks up local prod'n tax credits
Oz study bucks Canucks for pic play
Quebec cuts local film & TV funding
Canada on a runaway train, Gov't ups tax breaks for foreign prod'ns
Fewer bucks for Canucks
Canada Grapples With its Own Runaway Production
Back to the Launch Pad for 'Superman'
Producing a 'Superman' Sequel Is Like Leaping Tall Buildings
'Superman' seeking new helmer of steel
McG flies out of Warners' 'Superman'
Singer makes Warner move
Hollywood Reporter: FTAC going grass roots
NY Times: Using Trade Pacts to Stem Loss of TV and Film Jobs to Canada
U.S. Film Industry Workers Ask Bush Administration To Take Action
FTAC and Local 600 Press Dept. of Commerce
Anti-Runaway Stance Boosts Dunham: Lenser Prexy Wins Campaign Race
Congresswomen Watson Demonstrates Support For Anti Runaway Proposals
L.A.Times Report on "Cold Mountain" Controversy
What Americans Need To Know About "Cold Mountain"
An Open Letter to Ron Howard
Unions Protest Job Loss in Film Productions
SAG Reaffirms Support of FTAC Trade Remedies
Ottawa Hikes Film Tax Breaks Despite U.S. Anger
Giuliani Film's Location Protested
Reports from the Center for Entertainment Industry Data and Research
Report from the U.S. Department of Commerce on Runaway Production
Hollywood Fights Back
FTAC Victory in Santa Monica
Stewart & Stewart Report - FTAC Reveals Blueprint for Victory
California Assembly Bills
Hollywood's Mini-Recession
Santa Monica to vote on film subsidy measure
Canadian Viewpoint on Runaway Production
Hollywood Workers Protest Runaway Production
TV Series Volume in Canada Dampened by FTAC Campaign
Vancouver Profits as Colder, Cheaper Hollywood
An Historic Day in Hollywood
Irked by Australia, Hollywood Wants Retaliatory Action
Letter to the Editor, Sacramento Bee
U.S. Representative Howard Berman responds to Canadian govt. official
"Mission Not Impossible: We could be Tinseltown" Daily Telegraph, Australia
Hollywood strikes back over Canada's subsidies
Bring Hollywood Home
FTAC Secures Services of Washingon DC Law Firm
DGA/SAG Commission Study on Production
Runaway Rally Goes Hollywood
DGA-SAG Report on Production
FTAC's Attorneys
Hollywood Reporter interviews FTAC's Attorneys, Stewart & Stewart
Attorneys from Stewart and Stewart talk about the 301(a) petition
Rebuttal to Arguments Against Adoption of Proposed Resolution
Union Relations
Local 600 and Runaway Canadian Production
Local 600 June 05 Press Release
Local 600 Dennis Kucinich Press Release
Local 600 Tackles Runaway Production
Local 600 Supports Investigation Into the Legality of Subsidies
Screen Actors Guild
SAG Looks to Law on Runaway Production
October was a good month for FTAC
Local 728 Offers Generous Cash Contribution
Local 695 Speaks in Favor of Remedies
IATSE District 2: Support for SAG Rule One
IATSE Local 695 Supports FTAC
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