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Regional Victories:
- Glendale
- West Hollywood
- Burbank

The FTAC Support-O-Meter
“Measuring the pulse of the
American Film and Television Worker”

Film & Television

Number of Film & Television professionals who Support FTAC’s 301a petition.

Our numbers are growing each minute! The FTAC 301a petition asks the U.S. government to level the playing field with the use of the section 301. This is the same trade remedy that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has endorsed and is currently using to fight the battle over piracy. Implementing this trade remedy will terminate the 19 subsidy programs, and finally put an end to a trend that threatens the job security of film workers and small businesses throughout the world.


Labor, Government
and Private Industry

Number of organizations and private companies that endorse FTAC.

Support from Labor Organizations, Governments and Private Industry continues to expand throughout the Film and Television industry: Here is a list of just a few. If you know of a group or business that would like to see the Outsourcing of our work stopped, please have them Contact FTAC here.


West Hollywood City Council, West Hollywood California

Glendale City Council, Glendale California

Burbank City Council, Burbank California

Santa Monica City Council Santa Monica California

Pittsburgh City Council, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Jersey City, City Council, Jersey City, New Jersey

Clifton City Council, Clifton, New Jersey

Maryland Production Alliance

Film NY US - A group of below the line film workers based in New York City, New York

Florida Motion Picture and Television Association

Screen Actors Guild (over 100,000 members)

Local 355, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Local 391, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (125 members)

Local 399, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (4,111 members)

Local 509, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (1,662 members)

Local 592, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (1,400 members)

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Local 724, LIUNA Studio Utility Employees (1,400 members)

LIUNA, Laborers International Union  www.liuna.org

Local 755, Plasterers, Modelers, Sculptors (300 members) www.local755.com

Local 40 IBEW International Botherhood of Electrical Workers

Local 78 U.A. Plumbers, AFL-CIO


Hollywood Center Studios

Raleigh Studios

Michaelsons Catering

Fantasy II Film Effects

International Studio Services

History For Hire

Jackson Shrub Supply

Locals of the

Number of IA locals
that have announced support for FTAC’s 301a petition.

The Rank and File have reached out to there board members and have asked for support of FTAC’s 301a petition. We have begun to see a pattern in the last couple of months. Which IATSE Local will be next to join FTAC and its bid to stop the Outsourcing of American film workers jobs.


Local 695 IATSE Production Sound Technicians, Television Engineers and Video Assist Technicians - Hollywood, California (1,500 members)

Local 871* IATSE  Script Supervisors/Continuity & Allied Production Specialists Guild - Hollywood, California (1,500 members)

Local 44 IATSE  Affiliated Property Craftspersons - Hollywood, California (5,800 members)

Local 728 IATSE Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians - Hollywood, California (3,000 members)

Local 720 IATSE Studio Mechanics Local, Las Vegas, Nevada (3,500 members)

If you are an activist and wish to sponsor Support of FTAC’s 301a petition in your Local, contact us. FTAC will help you to add your local to this list.  We are helping several members of the Rank and File at this time.

* Local 871, by a vote of its membership, supported the FTAC 301a petition, not FTAC the organization. 

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other organization other than FTAC that is pursuing any trade remedies to end the Outsourcing of the American film workers jobs.

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