-VFX Outsourcing
Regional Victories:
- Glendale
- West Hollywood
- Burbank


A Special thank you goes to Council Member Jeffrey Prang for shepherding this resolution thru for his city of West Hollywood.

The members of FTAC are forever grateful!!
Thank you To Mayor Abbe Land and Mayor Pro Tempore John Heilman of the West Hollywood City Council For their votes of support for FTAC and the 301a petition.

You each have changed the face of Hollywood.

And a last a note. The vote also had these results: A No Vote from Council member Sal Guarriello An Abstention from Council member John J. Duran

Thank you,
To the members of FTAC who sent in all of their thoughts to the West Hollywood City Council on Outsourcing and won this victory for America.


Outsourcing VFX

The outsourcing of the visual effects industry in America...vfxsm1
Complete Coverage Here

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