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The Film and Television Action Committee (FTAC) is a volunteer coalition of film and television industry artists, workers, technicians and small businesses all across the United States. 

We believe that film workers everywhere should be able to compete fairly on a level playing field without artificial forces distorting the marketplace for their services and talents.

We work to raise awareness of the great economic, social and cultural harm caused our country by the subsidy-driven outsourcing of our domestic American film and television production to foreign countries— and the best ways to address it. 

Making our American movies and TV shows in foreign countries rather than here in the United States costs our economy billions of dollars and thousands of middle-class jobs every year.  It contributes to the forces that have devalued our dollar and raised prices.  It hurts every single American.

For every face on screen in a movie or TV show there are hundreds of other people doing untold thousands of hours of everyday work to make what appears to be magic happen.  Film workers are not only actors and writers, directors and producers.  We are also carpenters, painters, welders, drivers, upholsterers, administrators, accountants, teachers, sculptors, decorators, seamstresses, cosmetologists, cooks, laborers, plumbers, electricians, photographers, paramedics, policemen, researchers, computer operators, firemen, janitors and more— literally every kind of job imaginable can have a role in film production. 

These are the jobs we are fighting to save.  One of them could be yours.

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