The Canadian Government is actively participating in an effort
to steal the film industry from the United States.
The only way we are going to
Fight The Plague of Runaway Production
is with the help of the lawmakers.
Our Government MUST get involved in fighting back.
History has shown that our lawmakers only respond to issues
that mean VOTES for them or VOTES against them.
How do we gain the public's support and turn this into a voting issue?
Show Your Purchasing Power
We must show the public at large how much the film industry
contributes to the economy of our area.
Make Your Mark On The Economy
Take a few minutes and Stamp All of your petty cash and
all of the money in your wallet !

Contrary to popular belief , it is only a crime to " Deface money" if it is part of an attempt to
defraud or to render currency unusable. [18 U.S.C. Sec 331, 333]

Film Money

How to get a Stamp:

one of FTAC's Gracious Supporters,
Independent Studio Services- I.S.S.
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Sun Valley, California 91352
Has agreed to make these available!!!
Gregg Bilson Jr.
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