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Letter to the Editor, Sacramento Bee

by Jack De Govia


To The Editor, Sacramento Bee:

Re: Dan Walters Column, Throwing Cash at Movieland

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It is not surprising that in the Wall Street Journals examination of the film industrys problems, ...runaway production isnt even mentioned. For the studios and bankers, the segment of the industry represented by the Journal, runaway production, along with a production slowdown and other forms of cost-cutting are not problems, they are part of the remedy for the high costs of star power and marketing.

Runaway production is a problem for the working people and businessmen of California who depend on motion picture and television production for their livelihood.

Runaway production is a problem for the economy of our state, which will lose hundreds of millions dollars directly, and, according to the economic multiplier of 2.12 established by the States Trade and Commerce Agency, more hundreds of millions indirectly, if we allow the government of Canada to hijack our film industry.

Runaway production is a problem for the State of California, which will lose a significant portion of more than $600 million in tax revenues generated by motion picture and television production in our state. The Kuehl and Wildman tax incentives are not the whole answer, but they are a beginning. Canada offers state and federal tax incentives and organized community-wide programs friendly to film production. So must we.

Are we to do nothing? Would the state of Washington allow Canada to buy Boeing and move it 145 miles north to Vancouver?

Jack De Govia
Chairman, Film and Television Action Committee