The Honorable Senator John Burton,
President Pro Tem of the Senate
Capitol Office
State Capitol
Room 205
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Senator Burton:

I am writing to urge your support for AB 358 and AB 484, authored by Assembly Members Wildman and Kuehl. The two bills offer tax incentives to help keep California film production jobs in California.

AB 358 and 484 will help California stay competitive against other countries efforts to build their film industry at our expense. Canada, for example, offers American film-makers rich state and federal tax incentives, in exchange for using Canadian production crews.

The result is that film production, born and bred in California, is now being shipped piece by piece across our border-and with it our jobs and benefits.

AB 358 and 484 will help preserve our jobs and the hundreds of millions of dollars in California taxes generated directly and indirectly by Californias film industry.

AB 358 and AB 484 are not the whole answer, but they are a beginning. Californias working men and women and vendors have already taken substantial wage cuts to keep film production here. The Studios have initiated their own deep cost cutting measures.

I ask only that the State join our efforts to help California compete in a global economy.