I am writing to you to say how disappointed I am that you, one of America's most well known and respected actors and directors, who made your fame and fortune in the American Film and TV industry should film "Cinderella Man" in Toronto, Canada.

"Cinderella Man" is the story of the Great Depression and Jim Braddock-- a working class guy from New Jersey, down on his luck who desperately needed a break. To feed his family he went into the boxing ring. There was no greater upset in boxing history than when this Jersey Irishman came out of obscurity and knocked out Max Baer in 1935 to become the World Heavyweight Champion and earn the nickname "Cinderella Man".

Bringing back to life this great American hero now when American workers are suffering from the loss of millions of jobs to foreign labor is praiseworthy.  But instead of taking this opportunity to support these American workers and maintain their standard of living, you caved into corporate greed and decided, with Universal and Miramax, to film in Toronto. By exporting the work to Canada in exchange for Canadian subsidies you are actually destroying the jobs and lives of American workers.

This is intolerable, coming on the heels of Miramax's "Cold Mountain" made in Romania, Miramax's ''Chicago" made in Toronto and countless other feature films shot abroad. Instead of promoting the great American film industry you are participating in its destruction.

Clint Eastwood insisted on shooting "Mystic River" in Boston.  Robert Altman recently refused to shoot American films in Canada solely to take advantage of the subsidies.

Are you so far removed from your country and its workers?  Have you so much money and fame that you can turn your back on the people and the industry that gave you the opportunity to succeed?

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