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Rep. Dennis Kucinich Pledges Help on Runaway to Cinematographers Guild

At the June 11-12, 2005 National Executive Board Meeting of the International Cinematographers Guild, Congressman (and Local 600 member) Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) vowed to champion the cause of runaway production in Congress during his keynote address to the group. He told of his success challenging the dumping of steel on the US market and offered to gather support in fighting WTO-inconsistent foreign subsidies on behalf of entertainment industry workers.

Citing economic harm to members due to loss of jobs to foreign locales, the board moved Saturday to endorse and support a trade investigation of foreign film and television subsidies. In a lengthy and spirited debate, the board enacted a "Resolution on Runaway Production." The Board noted their support of AFL-CIO Resolution 6 of 2001, which directs AFL-CIO affiliates to "initiate trade cases to stop market-distorting importing of goods subsidized by our trading partners."

"This resolution is what last year's Guild election results were all about," stated ICG President Gary Dunham. "We have affirmed our commitment to an investigation into the legality of foreign film and television production subsidies. It is time to level the playing field for our members. We are grateful for Congressman Kucinich's involvement and expect that his efforts will give our cause a dramatic boost."

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The MPAA often argues against the use of a 301 petition... and yet they themselves have used it to protect their own profits. Watch this video of FTAC’s attorney commenting on the MPAA’s use of the 301 petition.
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