NOVEMBER 26, 2003

SAG Reaffirms Support of
FTAC Trade Remedies in Unanimous Vote

The Screen Actors Guild national membership on Sunday, November 23, 2003, voted unanimously to reaffirm their support for the Film and Television Action Committee (FTAC), and FTAC’s Section 301(a) trade remedy approach to resolving the issue of runaway production. The vote took place at SAG’s National Membership Meeting held at Universal City, California. The Section 301(a) Petition is designed to knock out the Canadian film subsidies by forcing Canada to honor its international trade agreements.

FTAC and SAG/AFTRA activist, actor Robert Amico spearheaded the motion, which passed unanimously.  It reads as follows:  “That SAG continue to support FTAC and its 301(a) Petition and its fight against Runaway Production and that SAG will do all it can to make such a Petition be enacted.”

The SAG Board previously had voted in favor of supporting FTAC by agreeing to sign a petition to the US Government to investigate the legality of Canada’s labor subsidies. The connection between SAG and FTAC became frayed when Robert Pisano, Screen Actors Guild National Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, came into office.  FTAC spokesperson Michael Everett said, “It appears those issues are now behind us and FTAC looks forward to working with the SAG Legislative Committee to bolster SAG's support for the Section 301(a) Petition.”

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