FTAC Minutes 5/27/99
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F T A C May 27, 1999 Meeting Minutes


Vice-Chair, Jim Shanahan called meeting to order (7:30) saying that it had been a really busy week for everyone. First, he notified us of Jack DeGovias accident at a crosswalk and therefore his absence from the meeting. We all wish you the best, Jack!! Despite being hospitalized, he was able to give a radio interview to KNX radio from his bedside. Then John went on to mention the whirlwind FTAC tour and Press Conference in Sacramento, the passage of AB 484 &358 out of the Appropriations Committee to the Assembly with endorsement of the Hon Speaker Villaraigosa ,and the International District 2 meeting in San Diego over the weekend.

Research Committee/Liz Ryan Sacramento Report:

Surprised everyone with our documentation and figures.

John Scheide Video

Buttons/Amount of Letters they had received

Stamina of the FTAC group

Liz mentioned that the legislators were surprised at their own trade report differences. She also discussed the Press Conference that was held in Assembly member Wildmans office and its endorsement by the Speaker.

The bills likelihood of being passed and moved on to the Senate hopefully by August.

Meetings with Revenue and Tax people and sharing these new "runaway" figures.

E.I.D.C. Statistics -specific days in L.A.County.

Production Weekly Research Stats.

Chart Statistics of all Canadian Provinces in the past few years.

Meeting with Bruce Smith who was grateful for correct figures.

Will Ryder spoke next and re-iterated his thanks to the four members who went to Sacramento.

      Mentioned Commitment to progress and need for re-doubling our efforts by writing letters to the Senate especially, Senator John Burton (President Pro Tem Senate) as well as Sen. Wesley Chesbro (Chairman Revenue & Tax Committee).

      Also letters to Governor Davis and the Secretary of Commerce.

      He also discussed the need for having a record of all these letters being sent out.

      Discussed meeting with Rick Simpson, the governors legislative assistant to make Davis

          Aware of loss of jobs and its recessive effect on the California infrastructure.

          Will also aired thoughts concerning whether the bill would do enough once passed. Would the Senate give a larger tax break once the new data was absorbed?

          Where are they now in the information stream?

          FTAC Minutes Continued

          Another discussion ensued over political party biases in Sacramento, the idea of a manufacturers certificate (not an end user, therefore not taxes...), legislators orientation to structural

          development (buildings) as opposed to film/television workers (technical/experiential), and the resistance to cut in Sales Tax.

          Olivia Nagel then read the 5/25/99 Press Conference Release to all attendees.

          Discussed who received the latest documentation in the nicely designed FTAC Binder.

              Gave thanks to "BigTime" and Santa Monica Video for doing 100 dubs of the Scheide video, David Hensley, Betty Madden..,and others who have helped the cause.

              Discussed latest Publicity and forthcoming articles.

                  Mention of book entitled "International Film Making " which doesnt even have the U.S.A. listed as a country for filming in two sections of the book called "Business Matters" and "Tax Incentives."

                  Jim went on to say we should talk to clubs, affiliations, and others. For example, he had just spoken to the Santa Monica Democratic Club. Several of the members were now aware including Tom Hayden through his personal assistant who was present. Other organizations and folks were mentioned: Studio Services, Galpins efforts on our behalf, Joel Joseph President of "Made in U.S.A." with 8,000 members in CA.

                          More: Need to be known Nationally.

                          Contacting Mayor Riordan.

                          Sending mail to Senators especially if you live in their district

                          Approach to letters should be personalized.

                                  Get stats on who has lost their house/what are we doing for them/feedback to past


                                  Jim called for a vote from everyone to meet every other week or, every week. The majority voted for every week.

                                  Erik Nelson then took the floor and gave everyone his account of the I.A.T.S.E. Internationals

                                  District # 2 (comprising Nevada, Arizona, California and Hawaii) meeting in San Diego.

                                          Speech by Art Pulaski (Genl. Secretary Labor Relations) who made no mention of the Assembly bills, but did encourage our lawmakers, in general terms, for tax credits.

                                          Discussion of PACs on a national level.

                                          President Short policy/ideas/awareness of what is occurring.

                                                  Finally... Volunteers were requested for June 25th,26th, &27th at SHOWBIZ EXPO.

                                                  Possible mid-July March/Fund Raising Ideas?

                                                  S.A.G. Meeting June 6th.



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