FTAC Minutes 5/13/99
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Call to order 7:28 PM

Chairmans Report: (Jack DeGovia)

The steering committee will be the board of record for the non-profit papers of incorporation. He read bits of an article from the Hollywood Reporter of 5/13/99.

Minutes and other information will be listed on the website:ftac.net

M. Everett proposed picketing at Greystone while Clinton is there. FTAC is on record as not being in favor of these actions at this time. These people are possible allies dont want any unnecessary allies now. Want the only bad guys to be Canada and their tax incentives.

The Wildman and Kuehl bills will be before the appropriations committee in the next two weeks. Will meet with Migden and hopefully with Villiriagosa.

The Best bet to get this through the appropriations committee is to deluge the members with letters. Encourage everyone you know to write. Let everyone you know demonstrate our political power the only thing more powerful than money to a politician is votes WE HAVE VOTES. LETTERS DEMONSTRATE THAT POWER.

Monday May 10 we made the front page of the New York Times. We gave him [Andy Pollock] the language of the article. Now the exodus to Canada is a given.

Liz Ryan and Olivia Nagel are very responsible for that. Scott Roth (BA of 876) turned Andy Pollock onto us.

Another place to write is to the Editor of the New York Times. Can keep the dialogue going if lots of letters arrive on the subject. Reply to the Canadian who was published today.

We need your phone lists to add to our database.

Jon Scheide is editing a 2 - 5 minute video of testimony to show to the appropriations committee.

Framing the issue for debate:

a) Line producers and UPMs explained the threshold it takes longer up there need to train people up there or move them up there.

b) This starts the ball rolling for national rebate Canada has provincial (state) as well as federal. This local work will give them impetus.

c) Make it embarrassing for Corporation to take our American industry to a foreign country.

d) Not just billion dollar corporations rebates are going to subsidize below the line labor. They average $53,000.00 a year income. Along with electronics and agriculture film and TV is one of the biggest industries. They spend money on savings, houses, and health care&


Try to do a town meeting with Wildman, Kuehl, and a moderator to discuss the issues.

We need a public gesture maybe in 4 weeks.

Jack described a possible parade involving a replica of the Hollywood Sign and its burning at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine.

Asked for volunteers to form a committee that will address the issue of Canadians working in the U.S.

Treasurers Report: (Brent Swift)

We are a few thousand dollars ahead of where we were last week.

705: $500.00

Modern Props: $1,000.00

Omega: $500.00

Herb Edelman donated $1,000.00 of his own money

Vice-Chairmans Report: (Jim Shanahan)

At the suggestion of Will Heron on Monday May 17 please send a nice e-mail to Migden re: passage of AB 358 and AB 484

Her e-mail address is: or

Either address will work

Giles Goodhead (of LA 411) will e-mail everyone in his book about FTAC.

Santa Clarita picnic this weekend. Jeff Morton has given us a table at the event. We need volunteers to man that table.

Research Committee: (Liz Ryan)

Thanks to the research volunteers they have been doing phenomenal work.

  • How many shows lost to Canada

  • What is total jobs, money, economic multiplier.

  • Anecdotal information American movies shot in Canada

  • People tracking production in all parts of the world using Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Production Services, etc& for info

Will have a notebook of statistics. Hopefully by next Friday the Monitor Report will be available for statistics.

Thanks for volunteer of budgets Canadian/American. Could still use some more examples.

Andy Pollack didnt think there was a story when he started. It was the numbers we were able to give him that changed his mind.

It was suggested to get in touch with casting directors for Breakdown lists as a source of information.

Testimony Committee: (Eric Nelson)

Needs teamsters, Special FX, Grips to help make calls to these people.

Public Relations: (Olivia Nagel)

Japanese press is calling

Jim Bates from the Los Angeles Times is working with us on a couple of articles.

Fund Raising Committee:

Plea for people to get to their respective vendors to solicit donations.

Legislative Committee:

Essentially completed legislative proposals to be offered to Kuehl and Wildman. Asked for a refund rather than a credit.


Will meet next week with EIDC re: changes in permitting process.

Show Biz Expo

Booth design, brochures, buttons, t-shirts, bumperstickers, videos&

T-shirts: 36 dozen ordered. $3.65 a unit.

M/S/P for t-shirts to be sold at $10.00 a piece.



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