FTAC Minutes 5/06/99
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Call to order: 7:28 PM

ROLL CALL: Affiliated Property Craftspersons, Professional Musicians, Studio Transportation Drivers, Camera, Costumers, Hair and Make-up, Stunts, Laborers, Lighting Technicians, Script Supervisors, Art Directors, DGA, SAG, RMA, Wardrobe Designers, A-List Artists, Debbie Martone, Production Coordinators, Studio Teachers, Michelson's Catering, Locations, Agents, First Aid, Lighting Manufacturers, Equipment Vendors, Prop Houses, Society of Composers and Lyricists.

Chairman's Report: (Jack DeGovia) The Web site is developing. Will begin publishing the minutes, agenda, scheduled meetings, and other basic documents on the web site.

Tom Short's article in Daily Variety was very unworried. Jack wrote a reply. Maddagen will have a big story in Weekly Variety.

The focus for May will be the Appropriations Committee. The bills will be heard sometime between May 24 and May 28. Need letter writing campaign to Chairman Migden and Speaker Villaraigosa

. We have become effective because we accomplish things. We want the letter writing campaign to be as amazing as the Rally was.

Beginning to think about some video or film production. Would like to begin a documentary - a bank for the future.

The media doesn't know who we are, want to begin to see us as a different Hollywood - a working middle class Hollywood.

Canada and Australia seem most interested. They know how important this is.

Vice-Chairman's Report: (Jim Shanahan) Please sign in with all information. The Tokyo press is here this evening. Need to focus on Speaker Villaraigosa and Chairman Migden - also add Kevin Shelley (D - SF) to that list. Addresses can be found on sheet Will Heron brought.

Treasurer's Report: (Brent Swift) Jack and Brent went to Stunt meeting. They will be joining us and have pledged 2,500.00. Scenic Artists (Local 816) will also be joining us. The Society of Composers and Lyricists will also be joining us.

So many joining is wonderful. We now have about $7,000.00 in the budget.

No ad has been planned at this point but now that there is some money it will be considered. We want to plan something public soon.

Secretary's Report: (Karen Burnett). No report.

Jim - this is a coalition. It has bee brought to his attention that Commercials fee excluded. This is NOT the case. The bills are not in their final form. You are with us and we want your input.

FILM U.S. Organization
They were in Washington DC recently. This is a new organization that was formed this week.

Dawn Keezer is the Chairman.

There are 196 film offices in the United States, all of them joined. Their goal is to work together to retain film in the United States. They will support all local efforts. They can be reached at 1-800-4FILMUS. They have a presence in Washington DC through the National Association of State Development Agencies.

There are only 207 film offices in the world and 196 of those are in the United States.

They will list what each state is doing on their web site. They do not have a web site yet but it is in process.

Testimonial: Erik will take over committee. They are gathering vendor letters and requesting real figures.

Research: (Robert Davis) Looking at how foreign countries raise money. In Ireland the union membership is up 300%. They will have a report in writing for legislative meetings.

Trying to create a packet of information to back up legislation. Jon Schiede is working on pattern budgets. Bob Dowling of the Hollywood Reporter will pull production charts. We will need to divide by studio and track what and how many were done where. Need someone to interface with Testimony Committee.

Mr. Talbert suggested we look at copyright monies lost.

Commercial budgets were offered on one that just went to Australia and one that just went to Canada.

Jack restated that we MUST HAVE hard verifiable numbers or we will be dead meat in the appropriations hearing.

Industrial Relations: Will get information to Legislative Committee John Brubaker has information on Hawaii Five-O. Looking at problems of permits, police.

Jack Kaiser from EDD was contacted. Their figures are based on those working are down by 6.4 thousand

Public Relations: Andy Pollock of the NY Times was very disappointed by lack of available figures from Studios.

Still need and are looking for Production Coordinator and Office Space.

Fund Raising: Bill Reinert is working on things like t-shirts, pins, hats, and bumperstickers. He could use some help.

Kate Bartolo is working on larger monies.

Communications: Needs to meet with members after meeting.

Legislation: Phil has done a phenomenal job. Phil is looking to make the bills more user friendly. As they stand now all shooting must be 100% in CA, not always possible as we know. Maybe need to reduce that number.

Need to flood politicians with letters, also faxes.

Working on a packet for Sacramento.

Who is going to Sacramento? Don't' know yet. Leaning towards taking hard core facts and tear jerking stories to Appropriations committee members.

It was suggested that we make use of Congressional Research Service.

Locations: (Jeff Crandall) First meeting is tonight. They will begin to poll producers and location managers regarding perceived problems. Then will begin to format and attack.

Membership Outreach: This committee needs a chairman. It has not met yet.

Policy and Steering Committee: Have already covered most of what we discussed this week earlier in this general meeting. The focus now needs to be on the Appropriations Committee. We are gathering data as evidence and for publication. Need to generate press.

There was a call for ideas of public display to keep the momentum going. Several suggestions were made and discussed. The most popular idea seemed to be demonstrations in support of films made in America at their Opening Night Galas. Nothing definite was decided.

Adjourn at 9:40PM



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