FTAC Minutes 4/29/99
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Call to order 7:22 PM

Roll Call:
Groups: Affiliated Property Persons, Professional Musicians, Grips, Studio Transportation Drivers, Camera, Sound, Costumers, Hair and Make-up, Stunts, Laborers, Lighting Technicians, Script Supervisors, Art Directors, DGA, SAG, RMA, CSA, Motion Picture Association, Editors, Agents, History for Hire, American Costumes, Atomic Film Co., A-List Artists, Will Heron, Emily Gold, Wardrobe Designers, Set Designers, Illustrators, Screen Story Analysts.
Committees: Testimonial, Research, Industry Relations, Political Action, Public Relations, Celebrity, Office/Facilities

Chairman's Report: (Jack De Govia) Strange week, very busy but can't remember all the specifics. He wrote a letter to the editor in reply to Walter's slam at the Wildman and Kheul bills. Had a meeting with producers and will begin to network upwards; exploring how to deal with this sector that is also in the same situation. He will take the following message to them: We are all on the same side - there is no antagonism. He will point out that in the long term it is not in their interest to decimate the labor force in this community.

At Erik Nelson's insistence he finished the Statement of Principals. It will be read into the record later. Will also redefine the committees and their duties.

Will Heron brought literature for the lobby effort, including a chart of how bills work through the California Assembly as well as a copy of legislative deadlines.

Vice-Chairman's Report: (Jim Shanahan) Welcome to all new people - as we grow it is becoming unwieldy to get in touch. We need to get a phone tree and volunteer list together. Would any interested people call 1-800-863-6134 and leave a good phone number.

There are other "political operatives" calling and asking to join.

There is a media representative here tonight: Andy Pollock from the NY Times

It is very important for the vendors to continue their support.

Treasurer's Report: (Brent Swift) Glad others are here and welcome. We have a CPA who will help set up the books ASAP. Continuing to work on the Incorporation papers should be done in the next few weeks. The roster is getting done, but have to deal with thousands of names. The finances are in about the same condition as last week.

The wardrobe designers have donated $1000.00. Jackson Shrub and History for Hire will also make a donation.

Secretary's Report: (Karen Burnett) No Report.

Testimony: Getting hold of vendors with letters. They need help on the phones. Erik Nelson is working on this and needs help. They are trying to put dollars and percentages together in an organized fashion.

Research: (Robert) Bills may cost California $100,000,000.00, but there are revenues in excess of 1 Billion to be gained. It will affect 230,000 jobs directly - 12.4 billion in payroll and 15.5 billion in goods and services. Would like to compare notes with the testimony committee.

Industry Relations: (Dennis Washington) Ready to take it to the next level with a round table discussion. Could use some help.

Political Action: (Phil Ayling) He has copy of Legislation in British Columbia. Needs a breakdown of various parts of production costs. Structure breakdown to rebut broad strokes - need to make it more detailed&..

Kate Bartolo suggested we try to find a tax lawyer to work on a pro bono basis to help put the numbers together.

Phil wants to know specifically how each area of the production budget works. Phil can be reached at home) 626-336-9853 or service) 818-766-3851.

Public Relations: (Olivia Nagel) Not a lot to report. Next t Sat. will do a walk and talk with the CBC - a radio documentary. The meeting with SAG and DGA was pushed to Friday 4/30.

Locations: (Jeff and Marilyn) waiting to get in touch with Cody Cluff.

John Hays has a rough draft of a possible PSA. HE also started and e-mail tree with statements - and extraordinary document.

Will Heron: Explained the process of the bills through the Assembly. Said both cleared the first hurdle of the Taxation and Revenue Committee and have moved onto the Appropriations Committee. Because of the amount of money involved - nothing until after May revue. Need to know about surplus. Appropriations will revue the bill and it will probably be put in suspense while the budget is put together.

He brought a copy of list of all members of the Appropriations Committee. Pleas write them - - -
Chairman Carole Migden (D - SF) any message to her needs to key on economic impact to the community and state.

Speaker of the Assembly (Antonio Villaraigosa - (D - LA) He is a local boy.

The Capital office is the best place to send letters, but a copy to the local office will get to them. Should also write your own local representative. Email is not as good as a letter but it doesn't hurt. A fax is also useful.

Need a rapid response network. Turn around 1000 letters quickly.

The two current bills are "placeholders". Amendments will happen in the Assembly Committee. The Senate will also amend. They will be radically different by the time we are done.

Will Heron thinks we have about 3 weeks.

Kate Bartolo suggested May 17 as a letter deadline.

Jack De Govia wanted to know when to march on Sacramento.

Kate Bartolo: Spoke of a time line. Suggested all letters be in hand by May 17. Will actually hear the bills on or about May 24. Migden is dubious; she needs persuading, as there is little money to play with.

RMA - has a web site with letters and information. www.RMAWeb.org.

John Scheide: (DGA) will take information to UPM/AD meeting.

FTAC PHONE NUMBER: 1-800-863-6134
FTAC FAX NUMBER: 1-818-990-8672

This is the first time all the disciplines have gotten together and we need to stick together to accomplish our goals.

Phone Tree: (Blake Jackson) gave a quick explanation of how the phone tree works. Should have it together for next week.

Jack De Govia read the Statement of Principals: discussion ensued and it was passed unanimously.

The Film and Television Action Committee is a coalition of the working people, businessmen and women, professionals, and artists who make Hollywood the world's capital of film and television production.

We believe the American motion picture and television industry is a part of our national heritage, not to be surrendered to another nation.

Our mission is to stop runaway production, the wholesale export of a thriving sector of our nation's economy and the decimation of its labor force and supporting businesses.

We will study the problem and make the facts public. We will help to create community and industry programs to make filmmaking more competitive in our communities.

We will never give up.

The rearrangement of committees is as follows:

The Research Committee will study the scope of the Runaway Production phenomenon and its impact on the California economy.
Liz Ryan, Robert Davis, Judi Townsend

The Testimonial Committee will collect the stories of persons affected by the problem as written and videotaped statement for use as public relations instruments and as evidence in favor of remedial legislation. The Petition committee has been folded into the Testimonial Committee.
Brent Swift, Erik Nelson, Richard Lundt
The Public Relations Committee will write press releases and articles and coordinate television and radio appearances by FTAC representatives, including public service announcements and commercials. The Celebrity Recruiting Committee is now a part of the PR Committee.
Olivia Nagel, Tom Bower

The Legislation Committee will support and assist in the amendment process of the Wildman and Kuehl bills and other legislation at the local, state and federal levels through review and suggestion by expert witnesses in tax law and motion picture production.
Phil Ayling, Dennis Washington, Liz Ryan, Jon Scheide, Kate Bartolo, Tom Brodick, Jim Shanahan

The Locations Committee will study and recommend needed changes to streamline and rationalize the location permit process in California and the Los Angeles area, in conjunction with the California Film Commission and EIDC. Also study city and county policies impacting production and recommend action.
Jeff Crandall, Bob Dekker, Marilyn Bitner, Barry Bernson, Ned Shapiro

The Industrial Relations Committee will work with Industry decision-makers to develop policies encouraging American film and television production. Will research IA and Labor "givebacks", etc&
Dennis Washington, Ray Schillaci, Erik Nelson

The Political Action Committee will stage political demonstrations, marches, rallies, and acts of political theatre in support of our policies. They will create our public image through graphic, setting, product and advertising design, including logos and characters.
Michael Hannan, David Esley, Marilyn Bitner

The Funding Committee will raise money
Michael Hannan, Dawn Snyder, Bill Reinert, Brent Swift

The Policy and Steering Committee will set tactics and strategy and make day to day decisions, subject to review at FTAC general meetings.
Jack De Govia, Jim Shanahan, Brent Swift, Karen Burnett, Dawn Snyder, Olivia Nagel, Liz Ryan, Phil Ayling, Kate Bartolo, Jeff Morton, Jon Scheide, Barry Bernson, Herb Eidleman, Steven Felder

The Communications Committee will create and maintain the mailing lists, notify members of meetings and coordinate distribution of flyers, and the use of phone, fax, and e-mail trees.
Jim Shanahan, Mary Ann Biddle, Brent Swift, Blake Jackson, David Lewis, Debbie Martone, Katherine Moffet, Larry Polson

The Facilities and Staff Committee will find office space and staff.
Craig Raiche, Lynn Sysco, Bill Reinert Membership Outreach Committee Bill Ryder, Herb Eidleman, Bruce Mink, Jim Danno

Adjourn: 9:30 PM

The next meeting will be next week at Hollywood Center Studios



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