FTAC Minutes 4/22/99
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Called to order at 7:25pm

No reading of the previous minutes.

Present: 44,47, 399, 600, 695, 706, 724, 871, 876, DGA. SAG, RMA, - Petition, Testimonial, Research, Industry Relations, Public Relations, Celebrity, Office/Facilities.

Chairman's report: (Jack DeGovia) the Rally was an extraordinary success. There were 2500 signatures. The highest report in the Media was 2000 (Variety). Think there were about 3000 people all told. There were 4000 pieces of evidence, petitions, letters, and videos. Jack expressed his profound gratitude for everyone's effort. Our efforts made TV, talk radio, local Sacramento TV. Will Heron's jaw was on his chest with our efforts. He was very excited. Scott Wildman couldn't believe his luck.

He met next day Phil Ailing, Brent Swift, Jack Shanahan took boxes to the Taxation and Revenue Committee hearing. Ruben Gonzales, Betty Madden, Suzanne Sandke spoke to the Committee. The San Jose and San Diego film commissioners also spoke. There was only one person who spoke against the bills.

Sheila and Scott will combine the bills.

The next hurdle is the Appropriations Committee. We will know in two weeks what the date of the hearing is. On Tuesday the steering committee met to try to set priorities - will discuss this later in the evening.

May want to rearrange the committee structures.

We should focus on the next cusp (Appropriations) and think about the long haul.

Vice-chairman's report: (Jim Shanahan) We are going from the rally. Local 33, Local 767 and Motion Picture ??? [Lynn Sysco (sp)] will join us. We need to reorganize the communications. Suggestion for the future - Jim will call delegates and representatives. They will call their members. Committee heads will be called and they should call their members. Jim can't call the locals to disseminate information.

Greg Billson volunteered to put information in with his bills.

Treasurers report: (Brent Swift) We did well. Are OK for the moment. Five locals donated - 876, 40, 44, 724, 40 gave some more47, and 892 said a check is in the mail. Had a total of $9,182.00; $3,070.00 from the rally (about $500 was from the sale of t-shirts. The Rally cost $1000.00, advertising cost $4,600 and travel was $440. He is trying to get hold of more locals

Secretary's report: (Karen Burnett). Nothing to report

. Committee Reports

Petitions: Karen needs to give it up. It should move to a letter campaign in addition Lynn Sysco will speak to Karen re: Chairmanship.

Testimony (Erik Nelson) Motioned that the petition committee be abolished and roll the letter campaign into the testimony, unless and until there is a need for a separate petitions committee. Seconded and passed.

Industry Relations: (Dennis Washington) Has no document. Producers and Production executives have a standard list of gripes, give-backs, and complaints.

Merchants in Canada as well as the government are giving breaks. Producers can shoot more easily in Canada - low and mid budget can't get permits in CA.

Meeting with union rep. from Mexico (film technicians). Four film's producers supposedly told them we work a 14-hour day before any overtime and always take a walking lunch.

Repetition of American Costumers placing on notice of TNT.

Jack asked Dennis to distill all this information into a one-page report.

Jack met with Cody Clluf - raised to permit fee to pay salaries of staff and rent of building because they are now a private corporation. Cluff thinks they (EIDC) are competitive - he sees his main problem as one of dealing with people in the "business".

Jack asked for a report from location managers (Jeff) to create a report outlining "locations" problems for informational purposes - EIDC The environmental problem was also mentioned.

Political Action: Phil is now chairman of that committee. Need to meet as a group - consider the State's (CA) view of this as a cost.

Kate Bartolo spoke on this subject - prove not a major hit to the state - but for the tax credit they wouldn't see the dollars in the state at all.

Public Relations: Wants and outside consultant. Will meet with SAG. Don't want to saturate the media - only go to them when the issue is up. Wants to coordinate with other Guilds efforts.

Jack had a phone interview with the LA Business Journal. Celebrity Recruiting: Tom Bower is in NY on a movie, Olivia gave report. Working on a list of everyone sympathetic to cause.
Working on a package to give actors to make them aware,
Many want more specifics on the issues.

Local Delegate Reports

724: Sent flyers to all membership - had over 200 members there

871: Sent our info. Card.

876: impressed with vendors for donations

DGA: 40 phone calls a day who are afraid to speak out - DGA as institution doesn't want to ump on board - but individuals may speak out.

706: sent flyers bout the rally. David Syner and Lydia Milars were there for 706.

600: can't get list of CA members - concentrating on a national lever. They apparently don't want waves on local level if it will affect the national agenda.

Jim Shanahan made a plea for names and phone numbers.

Fundraising: Michael Hanan and Dawn Snyder Merchandising buttons, t-shirts, bumperstickers. Any fundraising ideas should filter through them.

It was suggested that signed memorabilia be collected from celebrities for a possible future auction.

Office/Facilities: Need coordinator full time. Also need a couple of production secretaries. Crag has a letter to follow phone calls in his search for space

Regarding facts and figures for reference should call AMPTP (818-995-3600) Jessica Golden. The report addresses production in CA.

Liz Ryan (and John Scheide) will be on lobby fact committee. Eric Nelson and Ray Salachi will find "give-back" information Will also work with EP to find numbers of employees. Axiom will be forthcoming with similar data.

Amending of Legislation - Phil Ailing will be involved with this along with Tom Brodick

Blake Jackson will set up master phone tree list and coordinate communications re: agenda

Erik wanted to know when Mission Statement would be out - was told Monday. The idea of addressing city problems was also mentioned.

Political Consultant - all agreed one is needed. Jack et al. will look into it.

10:40pm meeting adjourned.


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