FTAC Minutes 4/15/99
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7:15 call to order

In attendance were:
876, 47,44, SAG, 80,399, 705, 871, DGA, RMA, Jeff Morton, Motion Picture Association (Jim Fitzpatrick)

Jack DeGovia thinks we may have a spectacular event. A press release was put out. Has spoken to LA Times. Spoke to the businessmen of Burbank earlier in the day and all looks good.

Treasurer's Report:
Brent stated that we were barely making it in terms of money.
Donations: 876 - $1732
42 - $1000
44 - $1000
40 - $1000
724 - has put a check in the mail
Paid Hollywood Reporter and Variety ads. Thinks we have enough to break even on this event.

The Mariache group will begin playing @ 11am and a pianist will begin playing @ 12pm. There was a further discussion of technical needs with Phil.

A Facilities/Office Management Committee was created and Craig Raiche was nominated as the chairman of this committee.

Brent spoke to Greg Campbell about need for labor and community stories. Asked Wildman's office if they could foot a plane fare if needed.

Jim Shanahan - @ Film commission meeting in support of kinder permitting and halting of runaway production

Phil suggested petitions for Film commission and Mayor Riordan's office. Will not be done - don't want to create animosity.

Will Heron said that San Diego and San Jose Film commissions would testify in support of the 2 bills.

Jeff Morton: said there is much support form Santa Clarita - press - Mayor - Film Commission.

Testimony Committee: not a lot at present. More after rally.

Jim Shanahan: the 800 number is very encouraging. Many calls from vendors. Crafts folks have called. He had spoken to the LA Times, Daily News (Dave McNary) and the Santa Clarita reporter Tracy Issacs. He declined and interview with Australian newspaper (Sydney Tribune) that also called Will Heron. He got one angry Canadian. American Costume called to say they would not deal with TNT unless American costumers can go with the production.

Research: Robert Davis. Has some information to give Jack.

Industrial Relations: (Dennis Washington) Flyers, many phone conversations. He is collecting the gripes of producers. Some are reluctant to say anything publicly. He will call Jack Friday for details.

Will Heron is trying to get producers to speak about wanting to stay here.

Political Action: (Earl) Said that a good Rally has the possibility to make this a hot topic.

Public Relations: They need secretarial help. See Marci about tables at the park. Dawn has carpenters for set up but would like some Grips to volunteer.

Doug Claibourne addressed the meeting and discussion ensued. He requested that notes not be taken.

Karen Burnett will deal with web page.

8:55 meeting adjourned.


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