FTAC Minutes 4/12/99
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Called to order 7:23pm
Representatives Present: 876, 47, 44, SAG, 80, 399, 600, 705, 724, 728, 871, DGA, RMA, Vendor (Jeff Morton), Motion Picture Association (Jim Fitzpatrick)

Committee Present:
Petition, Testimonial, Research, Industry Relations, Political Action, Public Relations, Celebrity

Lannie Miller, Local 871 BA, withdrew from Celebrity Committee as well as the Film and Television Action Committee.

Also present were Will Heron (representing Assemblyman Wildman) and Emily Gold (representing Assemblyperson Khuel.

Jack DeGovia (Chairman FTAC) made an apology for the mix up in times for the Rally scheduled for April 18, 1999. It had been published as 10 am in some places. The correct time for the Rally is 1pm.

The advertisement for the Hollywood Reporter was shown. 30 good copies were handed out to be Xeroxed and passed out.

The Statement of Principals was read into the record:

The Film and Television Action Committee is a coalition of working people, businessmen, professionals and artists who make Hollywood the world's capitol of film, television, and commercial production.

Our mission is to stop runaway production. We will find the facts and make them known. We will support legislation to level the playing field with other countries that subsidize their film and television industries. We will help to create community and individual programs to make filmmaking more competitive in our town and state. We will fight for our jobs and businesses, our homes and families, and the well being of our communities.

Join us and help!

Or do nothing& and watch the great industry we have built for seventy years disappear overnight, gone with the cold north wind.

An advertisement is to be placed in Variety on Thursday April 15, 1999.

Treasures Report: Brent Swift

We now have and address, phone number, and bank account. I check has come in from 876. A point was made that there is a boycott against Wells Fargo and it was decided to open an account at another institution as soon as possible.

Address: 11271 Ventura Blvd, Suite 418
Studio City, CA 91604

Phone: 800-863-6134
Fax: 818-990-9672

Donations to FTAC are not tax deductible

State of donations:
44: need name, address. Will probably donate some money but not on a per capita basis

47: Designated $1000.00 to be matched by RMA
Will also provide music, sound system, and tech. for Rally

80: Choose to put resources into itself. Will give no money to FTAC

399: not sure - hasn't spoken to principle officers.
Will discuss on Tuesday.

600: no decision yet

705: Board has not discussed yet. Probably will not give.

724: discussed $2.00 per capita donation. Still talking - will probably donate at $1.00 per capita.

728: Has no information. It has not been taken to the membership and next meeting is in May. Requested a formal request from the Committee.

871: No money has been made available for donation at present

DGA: The national board meets in May. They are the only ones who can authorize such a donation. But there may be individual donations forthcoming.

SAG: Board meets May 3rd. Will discuss it at the board meeting.

Brent made a plea for cash.

Will Heron suggested setting up for donations at the Rally.

Discussion of distribution of flyers& Volunteers should speak to Olivia.

Petitions should be turned in at Rally for a presentation to Scott Wildman when he speaks.

Testimony Committee:
Going through the 411 directory
Need phone volunteers
Want testimonials in 2 parts
a) personal
b) business

Research Committee:
171 companies affected. Still collecting information, but it needs to be compiled.

Industrial Relations:
Dennis Nash. Ideas have been discussed, but not all followed up yet. All still in process.

Political Action:
Had a meeting last Monday. There are many ideas. Will meet next week.
Public Relations:
Have a logo and letterhead. There will be an ad in the Hollywood Reporter. Working on press releases. Need labor for Sunday. Need folks to pick up after Rally. Need electrician for power tie-in. Pat Maurice has access to a generator. Parking will be at NBC. Volunteers to man the tables should call Marci Shapiro at 310-473-5696. Spokespersons - lost 2. There are some other possibilities. No one to speak yet.

There were questions about the time change. Jack Degovia apologized again. Will Heron also apologized. There were also questions an a brief discussion of a national agenda for FTAC

Brenda and Judy volunteered to be a Welcome Committee at Johnny Carson Park for those who show up at 10 am.

There was a call for ideas for speakers from the platform at the Rally. It was suggested that someone try to get in touch with Steve Guttenburg and Andy Garcia.

The flyers were passed out.

Motion to have the next meeting on Thursday, April 15, 1999.

Kate Bartolo gave a brief pep talk for the Rally.

M/S/P to adjourn at 8:54pm.



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