FTAC Minutes 4/1/99
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Minutes of Film and Television Action Committee Meeting
held at Local 80, Burbank CA on April 1, 1999

Jack DeGovia called meeting to order at 7:15 p.m.
It was determined De Govia would chair meeting Pro tem.

Tom Fichter and Karen Jacobsen volunteered to take the minutes

. Organizations attending:
Locals 40, 44, 47, 78, 80, 399, 600, 695, 705, 724, 728, 871, 876; DGA; SAG; representatives from offices of Assembly members Kuehl and Wildman; Santa Clarita Valley Film Bureau

DeGovia asked for suggestions for a different name than Film and Television Action Committee. It was agreed to keep the name as is.

DeGovia stated the purpose of the first meeting of FTAC:
To discuss plan of action and get organized.
The job of Committee is to educate the public and each other and create awareness of the problem of runaway production.

Sub-committees were formed to tackle each point on the agenda.

Petitions. There are dozens of petitions protesting runaway production already out there. There was much discussion about the role of petitions and their usefulness.

Laura Plotkin, assistant to Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl, said there is a Revenue and Tax Committee meeting on April 12th. Sheila will bring with her all letters supporting her proposed bills.

Will Heron of Scott Wildman's office recommended sending letters to Sacramento . Committee decided not to begin its own petition but to support those existing petitions, and to direct them to where they'd prove most useful.

M/S/P to form Petition Committee
Chair: Karen Burnett (Local 44)
Co-Chair: Sharon Boggis (Local 80)

Testimony. Discussion ensued about gathering testimony.
M/S/P (Swift) to form Testimony Committee to collect testimony from people affected by runaway production.
Chair: Brent Swift (876)
Co- Chair: Erik Nelson (44)

Research. DeGovia said we need data about this problem. Is it really cheaper to shoot in Canada? What is the Canadian program?

Brent Swift (876) reported that Tom Brodek, producer of "Storm of the Century," said it took him 18 months to get any monies back.

Sandy Jordan (705) said consultant Judith Frank has all figures on Canada, and she could provide same.

Bruce Doering (600) mentioned and distributed the 1994 Monitor Report, which analyzed entertainment industry economic impact in our state. Also the DGA and SAG are compiling a study that is very detailed in scope and should be available shortly.

Jordan said she is on the Board of Directors of the Motion Picture Health Plan and she could get reports on number of hours paid into the Plan.
There was discussion whether the Plan hours were accurate.

It was decided the Research Committee would collect all info and sort it out later.

M/S/P (Burnett) to form Research Committee.
Chair: Robert Davis (724)
Co-Chair: Judi Townsend (871)

Industrial Relations Policy. Committee formed to determine which producers are going to Canada and ask them what would make them produce their product here.
M/S/P to form Industrial Relations Committee
Chair: Ray Schillaci (724)
Co-Chair: Dennis Washington (876)

Political Action.
Discuss whether we need professional political assistance.

Earl Brendlinger (724) said we should hire a lobbyist or coalition builder.

Kate Bartolo (Bartolo & Associates) was introduced and she described her resume and then recommended Committee focus on Kuehl-Wildman bills. Said we need to set in motion a strategy to go to Federal level.

Lainie Miller (871) recommended we collect money from Locals based on a per capita amount.

Doering reminded the Committee that we already have relationships we should research (i.e. California Labor Federation) and we should rely on their political expertise.

DeGovia stressed that this needs to be seen as a popular movement, not as political.

M/S/P to form Political Action Committee.
Chair: Earl Brendlinger
(724) Co-Chair: John Hall (78)

Public Relations
. M/S/P to form Public Relations Committee
Chair: Olivia Nagel (Producer)
Co-Chair: Roy Amaral (876)

Strategy and Tactics
. Committee's Board would work on strategy.

Celebrity Recruiting. M/S/P to form a Celebrity Recruiting Committee.
Chair: Tom Bower (SAG)
Co-Chair: Lainie Miller (871)

Nominations for Film and Television Action Committee
Swift nominated Jack DeGovia as Chairman of FTAC. Voted and passed.

M/S/P for Brent Swift as Vice-Chair of Committee

M/S/P not to nominate a Treasurer at this time.

The Delegates from each organization are:
Local 40 - Pat Maurice
Local 44 - Kathy Kloppe, Erik Nelson
Local 47 - Phil Ayling
Local 78 - John Hall or Designee
Local 80 - Sharon Boggis
Local 399 - Gary Watts
Local 600 - Steve Flint
Local 695 - Rob Gravenor or Designee
Local 705 - Susanna Sandke
Local 724 - Ray Schillaci
Local 728 - Nancy Boyer
Local 871 - Brenda Watchell, Judi Townsend
Local 876 - Tom Fichter
DGA - Liz Ryan
SAG - Tom Bower
RMA - Dennis Dreith
Vendor - Jeff Morton

Scott Roth (876) suggested that Committee incorporate as California non-profit.

Sub-committee chairs shall be responsible for staffing committee and setting meetings. April 12th is first deadline for testimonies and petitions to be sent to legislators in time for Revenue and Tax hearing that day.

Heron announced that there would most likely be a rally April 11th at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank, organized by Wildman/Kuehl. Notices would be sent to all Locals. They are hoping for a turnout of 1000 - 1500 people and to get press attention to carry over to the 12th.

Delegates and officers shall next meet Monday, April 5 1999 at SMPTAD 3rd Floor Board room. (11365 Ventura Blvd., Studio City)

Discussion about raising money to fund ad campaign, among other things. Brent Swift said he would become fundraiser/Treasurer if someone would take his Vice-Chairman role. Jim Shanahan (876) became Vice-Chair.

Karen Burnett asked how we communicate with the memberships of our locals to get them motivated. DeGovia suggested writing a letter to local newsletters and recruit "soldiers."
A phone tree will be headed by Michele Sefman (876 & 44) and Mary Ann Biddle (876 & 44).

Delegates shall approach their Executive Boards re funding Committee.

M/S/P (Hall) to adjourn at 9:40pm.  


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